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The Ergonomic Office Chair for Active Sitting

Designed in Canada

Health Benefits of Active Sitting

Spinal Health

A healthy spine requires a diversity of movement.

Cognitive Ability

Movement stimulates blood flow to the brain.

General Health

Movement stimulates circulation and your lymphatic system.

How CoreChair Helps You

Core Strength

Core mechanism allows for fluid movement in all directions up to 14 degrees

Engages your core and mobilizes key joints of the hips, pelvis and spine

Back Support

Pelvic stabilizer hugs the top of your pelvis

Prevents slumping, optimizes sitting posture and minimizes back pain

Better Posture

Adjustable resistance*

Allows for personalization of mobility

Independent paddles to adjust seat depth and height

Allows for an open hip angle

*Non-adjustable for CoreChair TL

Pressure Point Relief

Sculpted seat harmonizes with pelvic stabilizer

Reduces pressure points, prevents sliding and is very comfortable

Patented Technology

Internationally patented internal mechanism allows the chair to move up to 14 degrees in all directions with fluidity. Seven years of intense engineering, field trials, and testing.


CoreChair was developed with a research based approach to address sitting challenges. We continue to partner with esteemed institutions including University of Waterloo, Mayo Clinic, Cornell University i.a. to undertake significant research validating the health benefits, safety and durability of the CoreChair.


All components of the chair are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

neat certified
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I am very happy with the CoreChair! I am using it in my office since this is where I am sitting pretty long hours, and my back is much better since the chair is there. I am actually missing it during the weekends at home. Just yesterday I had an appointment with my chiropractor. He was very satisfied about the progress I made and was impressed that my muscles are much better in balance than they used to be. The CoreChair has really improved my daily life!

Weinheim, Germany

We have been very happy with the chairs. It has been beneficial for ergonomics and my colleague who has 20 years' experience from the engineering field, said that his back pains disappeared when he started to use this chair. He had those for years before coming to work in Matricomp. We now have CoreChair for everyone here (3 people).

Also I am happy with your delivery and service. 100% positive feedback from us!

Antti Elo
Matricomp Oy, Finland

I am a radiologist and spend most of my day sitting and reporting cases. I have tried several ergonomic style chairs and stools over the years. The CoreChair is the absolute best in my experience. I can sit through my work and at the end of a busy day I have no stress in my back or legs. The CoreChair is a must for anyone spending long hours at a workstation.

Dr. Jeffrey Jenkin

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