CoreChair Light

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The revolutionary new CoreChair design will help keep you active and productive whenever you’re at the office. Active sitting on a CoreChair boosts circulation, activates and strengthens your core stabilizing muscles and thus hinders the negative consequences of inactivity and static sitting.
Motion resistant mechanism with one setting.

~4 wks lead time
40-day return
5 year warranty

The ergonomic active sitting office chair that promotes movement in order to build core strength. Motion is lotion! Shorter back rest with a sculpted seat stabilizes the pelvis and improves posture, helping to maintain a neutral spine.

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Design: Patrick Harrison


  • Patented motion resistant “Core” mechanism with 1 setting. CoreChair Light has one setting while the classic CoreChair has five individually adjustable settings
  • The seat with physiologically formed PU foam provides optimum pressure relief to the sitting surface, prevents sliding and is very comfortable when sitting for long periods
  • The upholstery is available in form-fit knit or cleaning friendly faux leather
  • Five-star base with comfortable foot rest
  • Pelvic support stabilizes the hips and supports straightening of the spinal column

Video: How to assemble a CoreChair
Video: Adjusting your balance
Video: Adjusting for fit and comfort
Video: Introduction to CoreChair

PES 3D knit


Faux leather


Research-Based Design
CoreChair was developed with a research based approach to address sitting challenges. We assumed a noble disregard of existing solutions, instead adopting a design path that steps outside of the normative expectations of what an office chair should look and perform like in an attempt to deliver a truly unique approach and sitting experience.
We continue to partner with esteemed institutions including University of Waterloo, Mayo Clinic, Cornell University i.a. to undertake significant research validating the health benefits, safety and durability of the CoreChair.

The CoreChair in Action



Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 64 × 61 × 39 cm
Colours: No selection

Blue, Green, Red, Black, Grey

Upholstery: No selection

PES 3D knit, Faux leather (Add 62 €)

Gas Cylinder: No selection

Regular: users up to 168 cm, Tall: users over 168 cm

Castors: No selection

Hard-floor castors, Soft-floor castors


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